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ARCHIVED - THEGEMCART SOFTWARE IS NO LONGER USED OR AVAILABLE, WE HAVE CHANGED THE SOFTWARE WE USE ARE LEAVING THIS PAGE AS A TESTIMONIAL TO A GREAT CART FOR ITS TIME!  TheGemCart provided by the premier billing software company WHMCS is still being used by customers who have updated to the new software and are still hosting with us.

The GemCart began in 1998 as a family tested and searched for the perfect ecommerce solution shopping cart solution. The winding road of ecommerce was long but very enlightening. We tested most carts on the market, free, paid and supported. 

We analyzed the big type stores as well as those stores that offered tiered, low-cost teaser programs but limited how many products one could sell, etc. An ecommerce store has many more priorities than having to focus on "if" they can add new products to sell.   Having experienced ups and downs of running your own small business, as an ecommerce store owner we knew that having the proper, "game ready" infrastructure in place, was critical.  But we understand the limitations due to bandwidth and having costs on data storage, and security.  But in the back of our minds over the years, we were bothered by some of the pay-per-month programs out there that were prohibitively, well, ridiculous.  

Having tested various carts at the same time and moving through batches of carts, we defined what would it would take to run a highly lean, but very tough ecommerce store. 


We determined:

  • 1)  Some hosted carts over-limit the number of products you can sell - teaser products to get you to upgrade later as your store grows,
  • 2)  Others, while featured packed with seminars all over the globe, maintain a footprint that bogs down the ecommerce process, causing slow user experiences...speed is everything!
  • 3)  Other carts had great free versions but wanted payment for each simple modification or customization, we found that gross and unappealing.

This 14 year "study" of ecommerce shopping carts and real-world practice of using the carts, lead to the development of the GemCart.


Another option we tried in our venture was hiring a custom website development by a webdesigner and learned a lesson the hard way when an address update cost us hundreds of dollars. That was not a way to control our destiny!

It was determined that in order to get full control and have the shopping cart meet our needs, it would have to be built, according to what we knew worked in the real-time, ecommerce environment and what we needed as full-time ecommerce store owners. This evolved over the years as the GemCart was developed and polished.

What is TheGemCart

The GemCart is a powerful open-source software (the Free version) which utilizes an Oscommerce base (currently built on the newest releases of Oscommerce open-source software version 2.3).  It is heavily modified and customized to adapt to most retail environment needs, utilizing customized mods presently not available in the Oscommerce marketplace.  There are two versions 1) the FREE version that you can download and run on your server  and the 2) Pro OnDemand version which provides cart, hosting, ssl and free chat, advanced catalog tools, integration with Campaign Monitor, eBay, etc.


Some of the key features are:

  • Paypal/Google Checkout and Credit Card Integration
  • Batch printing of orders
  • Access Controls for Managers, Store Owner, Data Entry staff, etc.
  • eBay Auction tools
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Automatic backups of database
  • Security Pro file check
  • Live version checking
  • Live Chat on and ready to go!
  • UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping modules
  • Ajax Order Editor
  • Deep Search Engine Optimization functions for store, pages and products

Is it finished? Never.

Our philosophy is to Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast! With that in mind we developed the GemCart to be a living, breathing shopping cart to help meet the needs of other store owners with full scalability to grow as your business grows. If you are an individual, a family start up or an Enterprise level organization, the Gem Cart is fully scalable to meet your needs! And our staff of programmers and designers are standing by to customize the cart where it is needed!


If we developed the GemCart with the long-term vision in mind, it would take us years.  Today, the GemCart is a "game ready" release with Version 2.0.   Future versions will be sure to WOW!

When can i get it?

Right now!  Click the Browse Here button below to view the packages, from FREE to Enterprise level Diamond!

Presently, the GemCart ecommerce cart is being used by hundreds of websites that are exclusively offered the opportunity to use our cart.  It is fully production ready and available to the public!  We are very excited to present this new open-source ecommerce shopping cart solution and we humbly look forward to your comments.  We are constantly polishing The Gem.

The GemCart Team
Gemcart Inc.


Polishing the Gem
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